First, find your business listing. It's likely that Bing already knows about your business and has information about it. Search for your business in Bing Places for Business using your business phone number or business name and address.

If your search does not find your business, first consider revising your search criteria. For example, ensure that you have:
  • Provided the correct business name
  • Provided both a zip code (postal code) and a city name
If, after refining your search, your business is still not present in the results, you can create a new listing. Click Create new business to get started.
Bing will occasionally refresh the information it displays if it finds what appears to be more recent data. This data will override your listing. Ensure that you are reviewing and updating your listing on a regular basis to keep this information in synch. If you change your business address or business phone number after your initial verification, you might have to re-verify your business. Your listings can be suspended if they violate the data quality guidelines of Bing Places for Business. Suspended listings are not published on Bing. To avoid suspension, make sure you review your listings from time to time and adhere to the quality guidelines. If you are authorized or contracted by a business to manage their listings, you should select Agency. If your business has multiple locations (e.g. a fast food or supermarket chain), multiple franchises or owns multiple brands and properties (e.g. hotel groups, real estate companies), your should choose Owner/employee of a business. To restart verification , go to the Listings tab, click Cancel Verification next to the appropriate entry. Next, click Verify now alongside that same listing to re-start verification.

You can also use this procedure if you did not receive your PIN within the estimated delivery time (8-14 days for postal mail or 10 minutes for phone verification).
Use the bulk upload tool to add and verify multiple locations in one go. To get started, visit the “Listings” tab and click the “Add multiple businesses” link in the top right.

Agencies who wish to add and manage their clients’ business listings should provide authorization from their clients. Once we receive the authorization and if everything is in order we will setup your designated accounts. Agencies can thereafter add/ update the business listings. Visit our user guide to learn more and download the required forms.

Agencies are strongly recommended not to individually verify their clients’ business listings. Such listings may be subject to removal without notice.

Businesses who do not have a store front like those who offer services at the customer locations can choose to hide their address from appearing in search results.

Follow these steps to hide address:

  1. Visit the “Listings” tab
  2. Locate the listing for the business whose address is to be hidden, click the “Edit” link
  3. In the “Basic business details” section, make sure the option “Do not display address lines in search results” is checked ON.
Note: all businesses with hide address option are reviewed to ensure the hide address is relevant for the specified business. Approved businesses will get updated on in about 2 weeks of time.
The complete process consists of 3 steps.
  1. Claim an existing listing for your business on Bing. If there is none, add a new listing.
  2. Make sure your listing is complete.
  3. Verify your listing to protect it from unauthorized changes.
A number of verification options are available including instant ones like phone and email are regular methods like receiving a verification post card. Once verified, listings can take up to 15 days to get published.
Bing Places for Business is currently available in a limited number of countries. To review the currently available markets visit our user guide.

Click the “Browse” button to see a full list of all available categories. Expand each category node to find the most suitable ones. If none of the categories seem right, then choose the closest one.

You can suggest new categories by clicking the “Feedback” link available at the bottom right.

Follow these steps to fix location of your business on map.
  1. Make sure you in the “Listings” tab
  2. Locate the listing of interest and click “Edit”
  3. In the right side pane, click the “Move map pin” button
  4. In the dialog box shown, move the Pin to desired position and remember to click ‘Save’
  5. Once the dialog box closes, make sure to click “Submit” at the bottom of the edit page.
A dominant image is one that gets shown prominently when users select your listings from search results. To select a dominant image:
  1. Make sure you in the “Listings” tab
  2. Locate the listing of interest and click “Edit”
  3. Scroll down to the “Services, hours, photos & other details” section
  4. If not already done, add up to 10 images
  5. Select the desired image by clicking the tick mark in the lower left
Phone verification is currently not being offered in the following cases:
  1. Phone number was provided by the user and not existing in Bing already.
  2. When address of a verified listing is modified, we need to validate the new address by sending a post card to the new address.
All changes are reviewed before being processed for publish. Approved changes typically get published in 15 days. To ensure your changes are published on time, make sure they confirm to the Bing Places for Business data quality guidelines. Click here to review the Bing Places for Business data quality guidelines. To make your profile 100% complete you must do all of the following.
  • Make sure Name, Address and Phone number are filled in.
  • Valid business website URL is provided.
  • Valid categories are added.
  • Business hours and description are provided.
  • At least one photo is added.
  • Alternative contact numbers are provided.
  • Listing must be verified.
Follow these steps to report a closed business.
  1. Visit the “Listings” tab
  2. Locate the listing of interest and click “More actions”
  3. Click “Mark as closed”
Listings of closed businesses will be reviewed by Bing and appropriate action taken. Note that listing must be verified for it to be processed as closed.
Re-verification is triggered when either address or phone number of a verified listing are changed by the user. Because the address and phone number are shown to end-users searching on, we need to validate the new phone are address are correct. To ensure that photos of your business show correctly in Bing search results, we recommend that images are at least 480x360 pixels in size. You can use bigger images too, provided they follow the same aspect ratio. Use any image editor to crop or resize your images.

If you were using a phone method to receive the verification PIN, you can click “Resend PIN” in the “Enter PIN” widget.

Post cards with verification PIN typically take about 5-6 business days to arrive. We recommend to wait till 12 days (from starting verification). If you do not receive your verification post card after 12 days please contact our support.

Locate the “Publish status” widget in the left pane under the “Home” tab. There are three links which help you locate your listing on Bing and verify if changes are published. The links are:
  1. View listing on Bing: will trigger a search on for your business name.
  2. View listing on Bing maps: will trigger a search on Bing maps for your business name.
  3. View Bing local search profile: will show the Bing local search profile for your business.

You can verify the information provided in the search results for your business. In case of any discrepancies, contact support.

Note that it typically takes about 15 days for all changes to get published on Bing. We recommend to wait for that period before reaching out to support.

It typically takes about 15 days for all changes to get published on Bing. If your business does not appear in search results even after 15 days try searching on with a combination of your business name and location (e.g. “Contoso stores, Redmond, WA).

Note that generic queries (e.g. “Pizza in Redmond, WA”) are processed by our search algorithms and position and presence in the results are not in control of the user. To improve the chances of your business coming up in search results, we recommend that you keep your listing complete and up to date.

All images are reviewed to make sure they confirm to the Bing Places for Business data quality guidelines. If your images do not get published after 15-20 days from time of adding to Bing Places, contact our support. Follow these steps to add a new business.
  1. Visit the “Listings” tab
  2. Click the “Add new business” link in the top right.
Verifying your business listing helps in two ways:
  1. Makes sure that information provided (business address & phone) are correct.
  2. Protects your business listing from unauthorized changes.
The following table presents typical time take for each verification option.
  • Phone: you will receive a phone call instantly
  • Text/ SMS: you will receive a text instantly
  • Email: you will receive a verification email within 15 minutes.
  • Online method: you will receive a set of questions instantly.
  • Post: you will receive a post card in 5-6 business days (maximum 12 business days).

To prevent unauthorized access to your listing, we’ll send a PIN only to an email address that we are able to confidently associate with your business. But don’t worry, if your email is not supported, you can complete verification using one of the several other methods available.

Of course we’re always trying to make it easier. If you do have a valid email address that is not supported, please let us know what it is by using the 'Feedback' link at the bottom right side of this page. However, to get you up and running as quickly as possible, even if you do provide us feedback, please complete your verification using one of the other, non-email methods.

In the “Home” tab locate the “Enter PIN” widget for the required business. This widget should show a “Resend PIN” option. In case you do not see a “Resend PIN” option, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the “Listings” tab
  2. Locate the required business listing
  3. Click the “Cancel verification” link
  4. Click the “Verify” link
If your business phone has an automated reception, you can provide an extension number to receive the verification phone call. Use the “extn. number” field to provide a valid extension number. If your business has a mail room or needs other special delivery instruction, you can use the “attn. to” field to add those instructions. Attn. to field must be short and limited to 38 characters. It typically takes about 15 days for verified listings to get published. We provide several options for verification:

Instant verification - You might be instantly verified if you have already verified your business website on Bing Webmaster Tools. For instant verification, you must be signed in to Bing Places for Business using the same account that you used to verify your site with Bing Webmaster Tools.

Phone verification - If Bing already has a business phone number for your listing, you can verify by phone. You can choose to receive a call with the 6-digit PIN number or, if your phone can receive text messages, choose to get the PIN via a text message.

Phone verification is the recommended method as verification can be as fast as 2-3 minutes.

Email verification - Bing Places for Business will create a list of potential email addresses that match your business. If you have access to any of these email accounts, you can receive an email with your PIN. This verification process typically takes 8-10 minutes.

D&B verification - We will check for your records in D&B. If we find a match, this verification option will be available and you can be verified by answering some questions related to your business.

Postal verification - You can request that your PIN be sent via postal mail. If you choose this method, be sure to complete the Attn: field with the recipient’s name. In the United States, you should get the postcard with your PIN within 5-8 days. For other countries, it should be delivered within 5-14 days.
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