Report a business that has closed or moved to new location

If you are the owner or authorized representative of a business that has closed or moved to a new location, you should update the listing’s address or mark the business as closed.

You will first need to claim and verify the listing to help us ensure there are no unauthorized changes to your business listing.

Report a business, not owned by you, as closed or moved

  1. Go to and search for the business that has moved (e.g. “Contoso Inc, Bellevue, WA”).
  2. Find the correct listing in the search results. If don’t find the correct business in your search results, search again with more information such as zip code.
  3. Click Details incorrect? Let us know! next to the listing.
  4. Report the business as moved or closed.

If there are multiple results, you might have to click on one of them to see the Details incorrect link.

If you can’t find the “details incorrect” link, click Feedback at the bottom of the page to report the issue.